Friday, February 27, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga in Germany

Picture above is from the German Pug magazine Mopscity News (is Mops German for Pugs?)

Today the interview I did for a German Pug Fancier magazine came out. The magazine is called Mopscity News and I can't read it (it's in German)but the pug pictures are adorable. I only got the PDF and in German so I won't post it until I can figure out a way to translate it. I tried an online transaltion website but it didn't work very well for this. If anyone out there speaks German or would like to look at cute pictures of pugs, here's the link:
In the meantime next week we have 3, that's right THREE doga classes to choose from:

Thursday March 5 The Seattle Humane Society, 7:00
Saturday March 7 The Downtown Dog Lounge, 1:00
Sunday March 8 Twilight Artist Collective Gallery, 5:00

Happy Weekend!
Brenda, Honey and Gus

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Name This Dog!

Hi Yogis and Dogis! Today I present to you a newly adopted German Shepherd. This handsome creature was adopted by my dear friend's Brian and Todd of Los Angeles, Ca. They, however cannot come up with a name for him.
So we ask you to please help out a poor nameless dog and submit a possible name for him.

Here's what we know about Lil' Nameless:

1. He's male.
2. He's a German Shepherd.
3. He's a big baby.
4. He's probably a good listener (look at those ears!).
5. He's as handsome as his daddies.

If you are up for this challenge submit your choice of name in the "comments". I'll be posting Nameless's (?) new name as soon as it's chosen.
Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Current Class Schedule

Alright Yogis and Dogis, here you go:
The next class is this Thursday, Feb. 26, 7:00 at The Seattle Humane Society.
Next weekend you have a choice between Saturday or Sunday, or why choose! Come to both!
Saturday, March 7, 1:00 at The Downtown Dog Lounge.
Sunday, March 8, 5:00 at The Twilight Artist Collective Gallery.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Happy

A playlist to begin the weekend with a little sunshine, despite what the actual weather may be outdoors.

"1. Oh Happy Day - Spiritualized
2. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
3. Here Comes The Sun - Nina Simone
4. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
5. Golden - Jill Scott
6. In The Name Of Love - Bob Sinclar
7. Make Someone Happy - Jimmy Durante
8. Swinging On A Star - Bing Crosby
9. Sunshine - The Upskirts
10. Get Happy - Ella Fitzgerald"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Inner Dog

My inner dog is a large, white German Shepherd mix with big, dark, watchful eyes.
A benevolent and serene alpha.
My inner dog is protective of her pack, and always cares for them as they know she will, just as she knows her alpha, an esoteric force, will always care for her. There is nothing to consider, it just is.
My inner dog doesn't waste time worrying about tomorrow or even the next second but allows life to unfold with her. Because of this, my inner dog will never have trouble sleeping or napping in the sun.
My inner dog never concerns herself with dieting or the latest fashions, her thick, snow-white fur is her favourite and most timeless outfit.
My inner dog is not self conscience about playing and running with wild abandon.
My inner dog watches and notices, she's a keen observer of emotion and minute expression, almost to the point of being psychic.
My inner dog gives and receives love fully which allows her to live every moment sincerely and honestly from the heart.
In many ways, my inner dog is a better person than my outer human so my outer human strives to be more like her inner dog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Checking In

Sorry for the short post today, I teach all day on Tuesdays so I don't have much time. I'll write something more substantial tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy the comic...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga Tip of the Week

Variety is the spice of life. About once a week I try to vary my dogi's diet by either making their food or adding something different to their regular kibble. It seems to really invigorate them and make them happy.

You can vary your dogi's diet easily without a huge time commitment. Keeping in mind your canine's allergies, weight and food sensitivities you can add a variety of healthy options to their food.

When adding something new to your dog's diet, do it in small amounts so as not to upset their digestive system.

Some options:
minced carrots or peas
chicken or veggie broth (makes the vegetables more palpable for picky eaters like Gus)
fish or flax oil (good for the coat and skin)
shredded cheese (a nice treat for the dogi who isn't struggling with her waistline).
nutritional yeast powder or flakes (I've heard this helps in preventing fleas).

There are many other options as well, but remember the list of Harmful foods (never feed these to your dog!) :
Harmful Foods include:

Foods that many dogs are allergic to include:

When feeding your dog, just remember if it isn't good for you, it's probably not good for them.
Do research online or ask your vet if you have questions about dog nutrition.
I offer a dog food recipe in my upcoming book Barking Buddha; Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

City Dog Party at The W

Love this! Thanks Jen for sending it to me!

City Dog Valentine Party!
Wednesday Night 2/11 at The W Hotel
6:00-8:00, Dog Friendly
Honey, Gus and I will see you there!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lap Dog

My dog Honey has taken to sitting with me in my meditation chair every morning. It used to be that she would come up only occasionally and instead seemed to prefer to lie down on the big cushion I put next to the chair just for her comfort. Honey is almost 50 pounds so she's quite a lap full. My smaller dog, Gus usually takes the lap. But for some reason they've decided to swap. Gus on the cushion and Honey on the lap.
This new trend began last week. I'm not sure why. Almost every morning I make coffee and sit in the chair in my yoga room/office to write and meditate...mostly to set an intention for the day, month, year, life and every once in a while become inspired. I don't mind Honey sitting on my lap, she's really plush with her velvety coat. I use her like a furry lap desk, resting my notebook on her back as I write. Maybe it's her way of helping.
I wrote a blog entry a couple of weeks ago about a dog's ability to evolve spiritually, a concept I'm still giving a lot of thought to. Honey is almost twice Gus's age and has always had a gentle and knowing nature about her. I think she is a little more evolved than Gus because she's been with me longer and she's older. She's always had a little more focus and her energy has become really in tune with mine over the years. I've been going through some shifts and changes not bad, not good, maybe good, probably good...but change which can be unsettling and slightly uncomfortable. If she is more in tune and a little more spiritually evolved, it would make sense that she would insist on being close to me while I meditate and write, and Gus also being in tune in his own dogdom takes the cushion on the floor instead of the lap he ALWAYS prefers.
So they work it out, as part of my support system, as my colleagues, as my family. They have always helped me in my work and this is just them doing what they have signed up for. But it still amazes and touches me to witness dogs just being dogs. Always so natural and poignant in their loving nature as our healing companions.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga Promo Video

Check it out on You Tube:

Notice that Gus and Honey are sleeping through the poses. We were filming during their morning nap time so they were all tuckered out. Also, I sure am a slow talker in this! What's up with that? All the yogis and dogis look great though and it was so nice of my students to come down to help out, some even had to take time off of work to do this, thanks!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Weeks Doga!

Feb. 7 Saturday 1:00 Downtown Dog Lounge, Capitol Hill
Feb. 8 Sunday 5:00 Twilight Artist Collective Gallery, West seattle Junction

Let's relax the world one dog at a time....

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Now

Stillness. The energy of the earth moves about me. I remain still. My dog is next to me, she snores resting in the contentment of a peaceful nap. I rarely understand this contentment, but today I do. My mind is expanding, not spinning, what a huge difference between the two! Calm and still, no past, no future, only now.
I feel that I am where I am supposed to be in every sense of the way. This very moment is full of contentment, joy and gratitude. An overflowing cup whose time and manifestation is the future. But there is no anticipation, I will be right here relishing this beautiful moment, experiencing the future and its incredible mystery as I become part of the moment that is.
In this place of clarity, I can be anywhere and anything. I imagine that I'm walking through a sunny, warm meadow, my faithful dog by my side as always. The flowers bloom beneath our feet and I can see them in front of us, beside us, feel them under our feet. Fragrant and exquisite, full of possibility. This moment is perfect and each moment that follows will be as it should be.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga in The Seattle Times

We're mentioned in The Seattle Times in an article about Yoga, click on the link above for the full article. Hurray for Doga!
Here's the Feb. Schedule:
Sat. Feb. 7, 1:00 Downtown Dog Lounge on Capitol Hill
Sun. Feb. 8, 5:00 Twilight Artist Collective Gallery in West Seattle
Thurs. Feb. 26, 7:00 The Seattle Humane Society