Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Doga in The Park

We held Sunday's class outside because the weather was perfect and also because a magazine wanted to shoot the class. These pics were taken by Angela, Harry's mom, remember "Handsome Harry" our oldest dogi yet? (thanks Angela!) These pictures were taken before the class when we were all just goofing off on the grass and running around with the dogs. We had a great time!
In order of appearance:
1.Polly (our youngest human doga attendee at 9.5 years) and her dog Bodie.
2.Jen giving treats to good dogs: Snickers, Harry and Bodie, Rose and Rascal look on in the background.
3.Park Princess, Honey.
4.Catherine and Gorgeous George.
5.Me playing with Snickers, Snicker's mom Jen and way in the back Polly with Bodie.
6.Front to back: Darren with little Jinxsy, Jen, Brad's knees, Snicker's back, me with George and Honey, a little bit of Catherine, and in the distance Polly, Bodie and Polly's mom Joanna.
Goodtimes! Sorry not to have a pic of Angela and more of Harry. And where was Sweet little Chihuahua Sophie? Oh yeah, they joined later along with Rose and Rascal (sorry I called you Pongo, Rascal!)
Can't wait to see the class pics from the magazine article! It won't be out for at least 6 months (whew!) so I'll wait until it gets a little bit closer before I share the details.
Wags and Hugs,
Brenda, Honey and Gus

Monday, September 29, 2008

October is Dogtober!

There is a lot of fun dog stuff happening this month! Here's a sampling:
Oct. 4
Walk for the Animals, benefiting The Seattle Humane Society

followed by:

FidoFest at University Village. I'll be doing Doga demos in the morning and in the afternoon.

Oct. 5
Doga class at The Seattle Humane Society, 3:30.

Oct. 11
Honey, Gus and I will be guests on Seattle's Stay Up Late Show!

It's a live talk show that takes place monthly on Capital Hill, it doesn't start until 11:00 pm, so Honey, Gus and I will have to take a disco nap.

Oct. 18
Doga class at The Downtown Dog Lounge, 1:00 pm.
Oct 24
Howl-O-Ween Party at The Downtown Dog Lounge

Goodtimes! The picture at the very top is Gus and I from last year. We had a group costume. Our theme was Little Red Riding Hood. I was the wolf, Brad was Little Red Riding Hood, my god daughter, Ruby, was the grandma and Honey and Gus were trees form the forest. Admittingly, Gus's body language in the above photo doesn't look like he's much enjoying the party. But I think he was, for once, less interested in getting photographed and more interested in looking for dropped food scraps on the floor.
Feel free to email me with any comments or questions about any of the events!
Brenda, Honey and Gus

Friday, September 26, 2008

Barking Buddha Doga Philosophy

Barking Buddha Doga Philosophy

Traditional Yoga is all about Union. Union is about connecting to the divinity in all things.
Dogs make great Yoga partners because they’re pack animals and packs are about union. Doga partners us with our dogs, using them as a catalyst to heart connection which allows us to experience a broader connection to all things...Union.
Although our path is similar to that of the traditional yogis, our walk down the path is a little different. This is doga, it’s playful and organic. Our dogis are walking, sometimes running and pulling on the leash as we partner on the path of discovering that connection to our divine selves by first opening up our hearts and connecting to them. Discovering divinity is finding the very best part of us that is creative, loving and feels connection and unity to all around us. Doga is a fun and playful way to encourage that connection with many benefits for both Dogi and Yogi.
Dogs love the massage and stretching they receive in doga class, which is great for circulation and tension and is very relaxing. They also learn to be touched and socialize with other dogs and people; and they love getting undivided attention from their humans. The humans benefit in a different way.
In addition to the benefits of stretching our human bodies, Barking Buddha Doga uses stretches, massage and simple meditations, to heal on an emotional and energetic level benefiting both Yogi and Dogi.
Dogs can help us experience life from the heart instead of the head and Barking Buddha Doga is about opening our hearts, fostering the heart connection and bringing it into other aspects of our lives.
Experience a deeper connection to the human and the canine, and relax the world one dog at a time with doga.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Trip to Doga Teacher Training '08

Honey is very excited to be on the road, Gus as always, tries to weasle his way into the picture.
Some friends and teacher trainees at The Royce Gallery.

Bess (the director of The Royce) doing Doga with Honey. Bess is an amazing woman...more about her later!

Honey poses with Floyd's picture at The Yoga Loft where TT was held. A terrrific San Fran Yoga studio, very welcoming to the dogs!

The family posing in the Drive Thru Tree in the Redwoods. Gus and Honey were very popular at The Drive Thru Tree. All of the tourists wanted their picture.

Honey gives Brad directions in the car. She's very smart.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyone needs a "Thinking Chair"

Gus and Honey and I sitting in my big "thinking chair" together. This was taken before I painted and redecorated my office/yoga room. I love vintage stuff, so I 've been purchasing old dog art for the walls and have hung really cool glowing mid-century lamps from the ceiling as well as painted the walls shades of berry and orange.
Anyway, the dogs will only sit in this chair if I'm in it, then they must be in my lap... an extra combined weight of 63 pounds of pure dog love. This is where we sit to think, meditate and write old school style with pen and paper, not my laptop. This is where we gather inspiration. Everyone needs a thinking chair, especially one that has enough room for your dog to sit with you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doga Fall Class Schedule

I completely thought I had posted the upcoming fall schedule and after perusing the blog realized I had not ! Oops! Here you go Yogis and Dogis, sorry for the delay:


Downtown Dog Lounge, Capital Hill, Seattle: Today! Already happened at 1:00, see you next month all you DDL Dogis!

The Seattle Humane Society: Tomorrow! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (said in monster truck show announcer voice) Sept. 14 at 3:30 the first of our 4 week series.

San Francisco: Saturday Sept. 20 11:00 am FREE Doga at The Royce Gallery (see previous post for details)

San Francisco: The Yoga Loft. Barking Buddha Doga Teacher Training Level 1 2008. Saturday Sept. 20 and Sunday Sept. 21.


Downtown Dog Lounge Oct. 18 1:00 pm

More Oct. dates TBA

San Fran Class at The Royce!

Here's a copy of the text from the flyer The Royce Gallery made for the class on Sat. 9/20
Anyone in the area, come on down for some free Doga in a cool space!

Are you tired of the same old walk in the park?
Are you yearning for enlightenment?
A Doga Yoga class in San Francisco may be just what you're looking for.
The Humane Society asked Brenda Bryan to develop the class as a way of enhancing the human-animal bond. Her message to students is to relax and have fun.
"This is really about making a nice connection and deepening that relationship with your dog," she says during a recent session.
Calling All Dogs
Bring along your owner: The teacher won't mind!
Saturday September 20, 2008 11 AM
reservation required to secure space 415.621.8277
2901 Mariposa Street (at Harrison) . San Francisco CA . 415.621.8277
Brenda’s class allows people to return the undivided attention that dogs usually give their owners. Her dog-inclusive poses include lifting a pet's legs to stretch them, and full-body hugs.
Bryan has been at the hub of a media whirlwind since word got out about the class. For now, "I’m trying to relax the world, one dog at a time," she says with a laugh. Her book, Barking Buddha; Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi will be out spring 2009.