Monday, February 2, 2009

The Now

Stillness. The energy of the earth moves about me. I remain still. My dog is next to me, she snores resting in the contentment of a peaceful nap. I rarely understand this contentment, but today I do. My mind is expanding, not spinning, what a huge difference between the two! Calm and still, no past, no future, only now.
I feel that I am where I am supposed to be in every sense of the way. This very moment is full of contentment, joy and gratitude. An overflowing cup whose time and manifestation is the future. But there is no anticipation, I will be right here relishing this beautiful moment, experiencing the future and its incredible mystery as I become part of the moment that is.
In this place of clarity, I can be anywhere and anything. I imagine that I'm walking through a sunny, warm meadow, my faithful dog by my side as always. The flowers bloom beneath our feet and I can see them in front of us, beside us, feel them under our feet. Fragrant and exquisite, full of possibility. This moment is perfect and each moment that follows will be as it should be.


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