Monday, May 28, 2007

What's coming up

Memorial day. This feels like the calm before the storm. In June I take on 3 more classes a week. In addition to the three new classes, I have two press classes-one for the Smithsonian Network (Cool!) and I start working on my DVD. I'll also continue to work on my book. Oh and I'm getting a new tattoo by the fabulous and gifted Tina Bafaro. Busy! I should be planning classes right now. Every week I have a class theme and I incorporate poses with the intention of allowing the theme to be learned or made aware of by bringing it into the conscious and the subconscious. It could work more than one way depending on how the self is needing to take in information. If the body becomes aware, the mind will become aware or if the mind becomes aware, the body can become aware. Sometimes the mind will take in the information, translate it to the body then the subconscious mind or the higher Self will gain awareness. So we integrate the theme on every level in order to bring our intention to fruition.
This can work with our dogs in the dog classes as well. We can bring in our intention to learn from our dogs and allow our dogs to assist in facilitating this multi-level learning. More on this later!
And now for the pictures: 1. Profile of Honey and Gus. 2. Me with Gus, the day I picked him up from the shelter (he's so little!). 3. Honey, Brad and Gus (my beautiful family).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New classes and some pictures!

This picture is my husband, Brad with our shar pei/boxer mix, Honey. Brad doesn't like this picture because he thinks it looks weird. I agree. It does look a little weird, but I wanted to show an action shot of Honey. The other picture is Gus and me. Gus loves the camera! I'm not sure what breed Gus is, I got him from a small dog rescue right after he was born.

I'm happy to announce that I will be teaching two new Yoga with your Dog classes beginning in June. In addition to my Sunday class at The Humane Society, I will be at the new Downtown Dog Lounge location on Capitol Hill right down the street from my old apartment building! That would have been so convenient. I'm a few miles away on Alki Beach. I miss living on Capitol Hill, but now I have house with a yard that the dogs can hang out in. Although I think most dogs just like to be around their person. It doesn't really matter where you live as long as they get to spend quality time with you.
It's really cool that places like the Downtown Dog Lounge offer a nice alternative to our dogs having to be alone all day while we are busy working. It's a great way to socialize them as well. My dogs love going to the yoga classes at the Humane Society where they can see some of their dog and people friends. Now Honey and Gus's social circle will expand to include dog and people friends at The Downtown Dog lounge on Saturday mornings and Monday nights. They'll be getting in more yoga classes than the average human takes per week. How will all this dog yoga effect Honey and Gus? I'm not sure. Stay tuned! I'll let you know!