Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Inner Dog

My inner dog is a large, white German Shepherd mix with big, dark, watchful eyes.
A benevolent and serene alpha.
My inner dog is protective of her pack, and always cares for them as they know she will, just as she knows her alpha, an esoteric force, will always care for her. There is nothing to consider, it just is.
My inner dog doesn't waste time worrying about tomorrow or even the next second but allows life to unfold with her. Because of this, my inner dog will never have trouble sleeping or napping in the sun.
My inner dog never concerns herself with dieting or the latest fashions, her thick, snow-white fur is her favourite and most timeless outfit.
My inner dog is not self conscience about playing and running with wild abandon.
My inner dog watches and notices, she's a keen observer of emotion and minute expression, almost to the point of being psychic.
My inner dog gives and receives love fully which allows her to live every moment sincerely and honestly from the heart.
In many ways, my inner dog is a better person than my outer human so my outer human strives to be more like her inner dog.


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