Monday, August 24, 2009

New Family Member

This is Nelson: Nelson's head shot

Nelson, smiling and being walked by the invisible man or a vampire (no one is holding onto the leash!).

I'm introducing you to Nelson because we are in the process of adopting him. I haven't actually met him yet (that happens this weekend) but my husband has met him and Mr. "Two Dogs are Plenty" is completely smitten and now wants a third dog. Who am I to argue about the magical connection we only come across when the time is right? We have been approved and now introductions must be made. The only way we won't take Nelson is if he doesn't do well with Gus and Honey. I won't have them stressed.

What we know about Nelson, according to the shelter and his foster parent:

Nelson has the face of a Pit Bull but the soul of a Golden Retriever, which can be very confusing to someone who looks mean but just wants love. (his tough look is one reason why he hasn't been adopted), personally though, I think he's very handsome.

Nelson was so calm and mellow in the shelter, that the shelter employees put the puppies in with him.

Nelson was found wandering on his own and although scared and shy at first, there was no biting or aggression during his rescue.

Nelson was on Alki beach (where we live) with his foster dad when he met my husband on the patio of one of our favorite dog friendly cafes. Nelson crawled up onto my husband Brad's lap and put his head on his chest immediately upon introduction. Our friend who was having a beer with Brad said "this dog is just like Honey". If that's the case, we will be very lucky to have him indeed. I'll keep you posted on the Nelson adoption!

And now in conclusion: A dog who would never scare anyone because she's too much of a furball: Belle

Belle (pictured above, working the cute) is an Atlanta dogi who belongs to future doga instructor Cathy. I know there are eyes in there somewhere, but she doesn't really need to see to help Cathy teach the class.

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