Monday, February 9, 2009

Lap Dog

My dog Honey has taken to sitting with me in my meditation chair every morning. It used to be that she would come up only occasionally and instead seemed to prefer to lie down on the big cushion I put next to the chair just for her comfort. Honey is almost 50 pounds so she's quite a lap full. My smaller dog, Gus usually takes the lap. But for some reason they've decided to swap. Gus on the cushion and Honey on the lap.
This new trend began last week. I'm not sure why. Almost every morning I make coffee and sit in the chair in my yoga room/office to write and meditate...mostly to set an intention for the day, month, year, life and every once in a while become inspired. I don't mind Honey sitting on my lap, she's really plush with her velvety coat. I use her like a furry lap desk, resting my notebook on her back as I write. Maybe it's her way of helping.
I wrote a blog entry a couple of weeks ago about a dog's ability to evolve spiritually, a concept I'm still giving a lot of thought to. Honey is almost twice Gus's age and has always had a gentle and knowing nature about her. I think she is a little more evolved than Gus because she's been with me longer and she's older. She's always had a little more focus and her energy has become really in tune with mine over the years. I've been going through some shifts and changes not bad, not good, maybe good, probably good...but change which can be unsettling and slightly uncomfortable. If she is more in tune and a little more spiritually evolved, it would make sense that she would insist on being close to me while I meditate and write, and Gus also being in tune in his own dogdom takes the cushion on the floor instead of the lap he ALWAYS prefers.
So they work it out, as part of my support system, as my colleagues, as my family. They have always helped me in my work and this is just them doing what they have signed up for. But it still amazes and touches me to witness dogs just being dogs. Always so natural and poignant in their loving nature as our healing companions.


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