Monday, May 28, 2007

What's coming up

Memorial day. This feels like the calm before the storm. In June I take on 3 more classes a week. In addition to the three new classes, I have two press classes-one for the Smithsonian Network (Cool!) and I start working on my DVD. I'll also continue to work on my book. Oh and I'm getting a new tattoo by the fabulous and gifted Tina Bafaro. Busy! I should be planning classes right now. Every week I have a class theme and I incorporate poses with the intention of allowing the theme to be learned or made aware of by bringing it into the conscious and the subconscious. It could work more than one way depending on how the self is needing to take in information. If the body becomes aware, the mind will become aware or if the mind becomes aware, the body can become aware. Sometimes the mind will take in the information, translate it to the body then the subconscious mind or the higher Self will gain awareness. So we integrate the theme on every level in order to bring our intention to fruition.
This can work with our dogs in the dog classes as well. We can bring in our intention to learn from our dogs and allow our dogs to assist in facilitating this multi-level learning. More on this later!
And now for the pictures: 1. Profile of Honey and Gus. 2. Me with Gus, the day I picked him up from the shelter (he's so little!). 3. Honey, Brad and Gus (my beautiful family).


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