Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Gus competing with small black dog for a treat.
Elise, me, Honey, Gus

I like that dress, I would wear that.

Black white fur....check, all the elements of cute right there.
I know my posts have been infrequent and without substance lately. But with the exception of my book launch evening (yup, windy and some rain) the weather in Seattle has been BEAUTIFUL! I just want to spend all my time outdoors. I'll step it up soon I promise!
Right now I'm heading down to the beach to try out my new vintage roller skate platform shoes. I have many posts in mind for the future...dogs of the week, tips of the week, doga dish. Patience my friends...the rain will be back...this is Seattle after all. In the meantime, enjoy the above pics from the book launch party.
B,H and G


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