Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop Woofing, Start Walking and You'll be Wagging!

Treat time for Gus and Honey at Dogs Dig It in Portland.

I had one of those weekends that contained lots of activity and not much dog time. I find when I don't spend quality time with Gus and Honey I feel I have to make it up to them with an extra long walk or a few more treats. Today I have so much to do, some due writing projects, some emailing, phone calls, the day to day of Barking Buddha Doga, which is really fun,but keeps me busy.

I have to breathe, calm down, focus and take it one task at a time.

So here's what I'm gonna do. It's a beautiful day in Seattle, I'm going to take my dogs on a walk. Being out in nature with Honey and Gus will serve many gives them (and me) exercise, we all get some fresh air. Walking outdoors helps to ground me, takes me out of my head and put things into perspective and I get the dog therapy. It's win win. So if you're feeling overwhelmed...Take a deep breath, put the leash on your dog and get outside for a little while. You have the time, make the time. Everyone will benefit.


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