Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga....Absolutely!

Here I am at my booth selling my wares at The Oregon Humane Society event. I had to get up really early, note all of the coffee cups littering the table.

I've been doing some interviews lately because of my book release. Here's a link to one from Pet life radio http://www.petliferadio.com/.

Please don't get annoyed that I kept saying the word "absolutely" like a zillion times. It's like my brain developed an unnatural and uncontrollable love for the word "absolutely" and I had no power over it. Why does that happen? I've noticed other people do the same thing during interviews and I'm always thinking "why can't they use another word to describe that, why do they keep using the same word?" Now I know. It's not in their control, I call it S.T.O.O.W. syndrome, or Stuck On One Word Syndrome. Anyway...Have an ABSOLUTELY fabulous day!




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