Friday, November 21, 2008

Barking Buddha Dog(s) of the Week: The Shiba Inu Puppies!

(image from via ustream)

This week's Barking Buddha Dog of the Week is actually a pile of pups. These puppies have been on a puppy cam that according to The Guardian has had well over 2 million views!

The live stream of the pups growing day by day, minute by minute, second by second seems to be an unlikely source of comfort to a stressed out world. Although us dog folks completely understand how a pile of pups can lower our heart rates and give us hope.

Why do you think the puppy cam is such a hit? Is it:

a. Just because they're so darn cute?

b. Because after an intense political election we need some reprieve?

c. We want to think about soft fur and soulful eyes instead of the financial crisis?

d. We're pup crazy because of Obama's acceptance speech promise of a puppy to his girls?

f. All of the above.

My theory is (you knew this was coming) that we continue to consciously and unconsciously use dogs to comfort and heal and all they have to do is just be dogs (or in this case puppies).
The Shiba Inu's are doing nothing but everything with just their simple existence in their dogdom. That's why they are The Barking Buddha Dogs of the Week.

Go here to see for yourself if haven't already been one of the over 2 million viewers:


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