Monday, November 10, 2008

Dutch Dogs in Shops

This girl is 14 years old and was waiting for a bite of chicken from her human's lunch .

This furry black dog was hard to capture because he really wanted to play with his tennis ball.

Front door security at the jewelry store.

Many small shops in Amsterdam have dogs that hang out during business hours. I suppose this is also the case in the U.S. but I really notice them here. Maybe because I miss my own dogs so much.
I love seeing dogs in the stores because I think it creates a welcoming atmosphere. It makes me feel comfortable right away. I think the owner must really love their dog to bring him/her to work with them, and the love we have for our pets transcends cultures and language and is something we all have in common.
I don't think doga has arrived in The Netherlands yet, but maybe someday I can teach a class while I'm here visiting. I would probably have to borrow a dog since it would be a very long flight for Gus and would take a lot of planning to bring him. Maybe someday. In the meantime here are some photos of dutch dogs in shops.


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