Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Barking Buddha Dog of the Week...Snickers!

I'm still in Amsterdam and got a little behind on my Dog of the week post due to travel related stuff like long plane ride, jet lag, spending time with my dutch peeps,ect. So here is last weeks dog of the week...Snickers (or Snicks as some of her friends like to call her).
Snickers is a regular in Doga class. And as you can tell by her cheerleading uniform (halloween costume, last year, a ballerina) she is on Team Dog.

Snickers bio- 135 lbs Apricot English Mastiff, 7 years old. She is a rescue from Auburn Humane Society, originally adopted by a family in Redmond. The family was relocated to Arkansas and Snickers was 10 months old when Jen took her home.
She is a therapy dog for the sick, elderly, children, and everyday people. She is a role model to other dogs at the dog parks when she plays "park monitor", making sure all the dogs play "fairly" with one another.
She loves ALL other animals that cross her path......including cats, ferrets, fish, deer, and horses. She is also the mascot for all international dogs. Every year Jen and Snickers raise $$ to send to "Soi Dog Rescue" a dog shelter in Bangkok Thailand that rescues street dogs (soi in Thai meaning street) from inhumane treatment and finds good homes for them.
She has more patience than any human, Jen has taught her to be flexible, adaptable in any situation, and has the loyalty & love to fill the world twice over.


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