Monday, November 3, 2008

Doga,Snakes and Pugs

Here I am at The Twilight Gallery (where Barking Buddha Doga Classes will be held monthly) on Halloween night, posing with Stella the Pug. She was the only dog at the party, but was the belle of the ball.
I found my snake costume at a thrift store and cut off the bottom so it would fit me, Stella looks delicious dressed as a hot dog with sauerkraut.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend. I attended a Halloween party on Friday, but ended up leaving early because I wasn't feeling well. I also had to cancel Saturday's Doga class (sorry!). I taught Sunday at The Twilight, but didn't feel quite up to par and continued to feel worse until the end of the day, so I went ahead and canceled a private Doga session this morning with a little poodle I was so looking forward to meeting. I would rather cancel a class or session if I can't do my best. Anyway...looking forward to getting rid of this cold before flying off to Amsterdam to visit my Dutch friends on Wednesday.

I'll continue to post from there and I've set up some time with some locals who work with dogs to get the scoop on dutch doggy culture. I've been to Europe many times, but never explored it from this perspective so I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone. I'll post the end of Nov. and Dec. schedule later today. In the meantime I'll be drinking lots of juice,tea and taking vitamins in between packing.
The only drawback about traveling is not being with my dogs. My friend and I have joked about starting a completely dog friendly airline called Air of the Dog. Which would include the big doggies getting to ride in the cabin with us. Anyway...more later this afternoon.

Tot Ziens!


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