Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the News

I read two dog related news stories this week that were both so sad. Each story carried a completely different energy. The most horrific was the discovery of Michael Vick's pit bull fighting ring. A story that was almost unbearable to read. I can't imagine how someone can be so closed off to their relationship to living things that they would be so cruel. Not only Vicks but the countless others involved in fueling such an industry. People who are so cut off from themselves and the energetic, emotional and physical consequences of their actions are lost, sad and pathetic. It's too heart wrenching to even consider the dogs that were sacrificed. Puzzling and horrific!

I also read about Oprah losing her Golden Retriever. The 2 year old dog choked on a ball belonging to the Cocker Spaniel in the family. I'm sorry for her loss. I loved what she said about her dog's untimely death. She talked about how her two year old dog did more living in his two years than most people or dogs do in their much longer lifetimes. She talked about how she was grateful to her dog for that life lesson. Very cool. I'm grateful for amazing pet owners like Oprah that understand how much our animals give to us. And thanks to all who give their canine (and feline) companions the love and respect they deserve! And a HUGE heartfelt thanks to organisations like The Humane Society and their continuous efforts to stop the mindless abuse and breeding of animals! And their efforts to bring joy and fun to animal lovers and owners by hosting classes like Yoga With Your Dog! Peace and Love.

P.S. The above pictures are of Collette with one of her three pit bulls. They are all Yoga With Your Dog students. I love having them in class she's a fabulous dog mom! (she's also a firefighter, how bad-ass is that!)


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