Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I learn faith from my dogs. I'm touched by their faith in me that I'll take care of them every time they do something that's a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar to them. Simple things like getting into an elevator or jumping into a kayak, easy for us, right? But for dogs? Not so much. Unfamiliar, scary even. But they'll do it if I ask, because they have faith in me, the choices I make for us and the way I love and care for them.

My desire is to take this simple, pure faith and apply it to my own life. To have the faith that I'm loved and cared for by an ever expanding universe that is in sync with my needs and desires. Sounds like the perfect relationship. The perfect relationship, though, is the one I have with my own ability to be guided by my inner truth and my faith in that guidance. The trust that I will make the right choices and create in a positive way that will enrich my relationship with everything around me.

Yoga With Your Dog poses for faith:
Dog in the tree house pose.
Dog over the moon (large dog)
Puppy over the moon (small dog)


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