Friday, March 6, 2009

Wags in Whistler B.C.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was in Whistler for a long weekend. I left Honey and Gus at home with our friend even though our hotel was dog-friendly. Whistler in general seemed to be very dog-friendly, I saw dogs everywhere which made me miss my "kids" even more. Though I must mention that although I saw dogs everywhere I rarely saw them indoors (the dog in the above pics being the exception). I saw many dogs tied up outside in the cold and snow, which may be fine for them, but not for my 11 year old Honey and forever-baby Gus.
I always miss them so much when I travel without them. Sometimes they do come along but I always factor in how busy I'll be, how I'm getting there, where I'm staying, border issues, all of those things, then I decide if they would have fun or be more comfortable at home. This time I chose to leave them at home.
So when I travel without them, by day three I get a little dog-love starved and have to engage with every friendly dog I see. The above dog is Kaya, she was in a ski store and belonged to one of the employees. While my freind shopped for gloves I got on the floor to love and play with Kaya (sometimes I have no shame when it comes to dogs). I loved that Kaya was so friendly and part of the store sales team. I also liked that her owner trained her to sit by making a fist. That's a new one for me. Anyway, I'm back home now with my dogs plus one (still baby-sitting Stinker, who happens to be next to me snoring this very minute).
Last night's class was so much fun. Looking forward to this weekend's classes:
Sat. 1:00 Downtown Dog Lounge
Sunday 5:00 Twilight Gallery
Happy Weekend!
B, G, H, S


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