Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barking Buddha Doga Tip of the Week

The world has seemed a little unsettled lately, so much fear and panic. So much change. The economy, the government, the energy of the earth and it's inhabitants have come to a challenge and a call to stand strong and courageously.

It's important not to allow the fear of others be your fear. Stay grounded. Love, live, play, be grateful. Your dog can help you with these things. Begin by using this simple Barking Buddha Doga meditation:

Sit quietly with your dog. Place your hands on your dogi and allow your heart to open with feelings of love and gratitude. Fear is the absence of love. Let your dog help you feel love by first connecting to the love you have for her or him. Let these feeling s wash over you. If panic or fear arises, let it move through you by using the mantra " breathe in love, breath out fear". Continue to connect to the love you have for your dog as you change your mantra to "breathe in courage, breathe out fear". Feel deeply and honestly from the heart. Whatever happens you have this wonderful fur being right by your side. Continue to allow these feelings to wash over and through you until the fear and panic subsides. Now think of five things you are grateful for and feel the gratitude from your heart. Thank your dogi for her assistance in your clearing of fear and go out and play...don't forget a treat for your dog and also remember... The world is a beautiful place made more beautiful by the love we share with the people and animals around us. There is always posibility, there is always love, and your dog is here to help you remember those things.
Brenda, Gus and Honey


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