Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barking Buddha Doga Tip of The Week


As we approach the Winter Solstice, even though our lives may be filled with holiday activity, take some time to surrender all of the stress and worry that may be preventing you from fully participating in the joy and playfulness of the season. Surrendering allows a sense of ease and peace. Instead of desperately grasping, open your hands and loosen the grip a little...or a lot. No need to white knuckle your way through the holiday season. Allow yourself for just a moment to not be caught up in the collective fear or your own concerns. Is it really going to help to worry and be afraid or is it going to add to the energy of fear? You can surrender this or any other kind of stress by being perfectly present. Worrying about tomorrow won't make things better today. Work on making right now the best moment it can possibly be. That's how you can begin to surrender, being perfectly present right now.

Doga Pose for Surrender is:

Roll Over and Relax Pose. This is physically an easy pose. Let your dog lie down on the floor with you, like in the picture above, place you hand on your dogi. To help keep you in the moment and keep the mind from worry, focus on you dog's breathing, the inhales and the exhales, notice the rhythm of your dogi's breath as it compares to the rhythm of your own breathing. Don't over analyze, just notice. Don't go to sleep. After you feel relaxed, repeat the mantra: "I am simply present, like (insert you dogi's name here)" Stay in the pose for as long as you like.


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