Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barking Buddha Doga Philosophy

I posted the BBD philosophy a few months ago, but wanted to post it again for the newer visitors to the blog. Also, apologies for not posting the tip o' the week yet. Tomorrow, it will be up, I promise!

Barking Buddha Doga Philosophy

Traditional Yoga is all about Union. Union is about connecting to the divinity in all things.Dogs make great Yoga partners because they’re pack animals and packs are about union. Doga partners us with our dogs, using them as a catalyst to heart connection which allows us to experience a broader connection to all things...Union.
Although our path is similar to that of the traditional yogis, our walk down the path is a little different. This is doga, it’s playful and organic. Our dogis are walking, sometimes running and pulling on the leash as we partner on the path of discovering that connection to our divine selves by first opening up our hearts and connecting to them. Discovering divinity is finding the very best part of us that is creative, loving and feels connection and unity to all around us. Doga is a fun and playful way to encourage that connection with many benefits for both Dogi and Yogi.
Dogs love the massage and stretching they receive in doga class, which is great for circulation and tension and is very relaxing. They also learn to be touched and socialize with other dogs and people; and they love getting undivided attention from their humans. The humans benefit in a different way.
In addition to the benefits of stretching our human bodies, Barking Buddha Doga uses stretches, massage and simple meditations, to heal on an emotional and energetic level benefiting both Yogi and Dogi.
Dogs can help us experience life from the heart instead of the head and Barking Buddha Doga is about opening our hearts, fostering the heart connection and bringing it into other aspects of our lives.
Experience a deeper connection to the human and the canine, and relax the world one dog at a time with doga.


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