Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snarls, Growls and All

Gus and me on a cold, beach walk. Honey is with the photographer.

So after months and months of being around friendly and peaceful dogs, I've suddenly, over the past month encountered some aggressive dogs. Not toward me, but aggressive to other dogs. In my class, in my home, in the park. A sudden rash of snarling dogs. They don' t frighten me necessarily but I'll become afraid of a fight and for the safety of the other dogs. What's up with this? It doesn't make me love dogs any less. It just makes me wonder if there is some esoteric, message, lesson or discovery in this for me. I know that sounds a little narcissistic, but why suddenly is the same type of situation playing out again and again?
It would probably be more disturbing if the aggression was directed to me. But as I said before it's directed to other dogs, not just mine, but whatever dog seems to threaten the space or attention of the aggressive dog. I just happen to be there. An interesting trend.
What do I do? Well I try to get the attention of the snarling dog, before there's an escalation to a fight. And usually there isn't a fight. I'm a lover not a fighter and so are Honey and Gus, so we're confused! Are we there to set an example of peace and love? To intervene and offer behavior or training resources to the humans? I don't know! Anyway, we're hoping this doesn't continue as a trend and we can get back to the peace and love. Although I guess we usually do feel the peace and love even in the thick of the drama, so maybe that's the discovery. Calm in the eye of the storm. Loving unconditionally. Snarls, growls and all.


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