Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doga Tip of The Week

Dogs have different moods as we do. I'm sure those of you with dogs have noticed this with your own dogs. Spend some time over the next few days really tuning into that with your dog. Notice how his mood can change as yours does, or notice when he is very social and cuddly and when he just wants to hang out alone. Watch for the change in expression, in the eyes, in the way he holds his mouth or body. When Gus is tired after a busy day and doesn't want to do training or teaching, his little body feels very tense, like he locks up. I honor this and don't push him past his limitations.
All of these things can give us clues as to what mood our dog is in. When we tune in like this it can help us gain more of an understanding of how to work with or even train our dogs, but best of all it enhances the special relationship we already have.
Try this Muttley Mudra to help you align with your dog's energy:
Inner Dog Mudra: Rest your forehead on your dog’s forehead. In this mudra the intention is to open up to your dog’s consciousness and connect the energy of the minds. Close your eyes and let all thoughts that aren't of your dog fall away. You can get to the other stuff later, for now focus your energy on your dog. After a few breathes in the mudra, smile at your dogi, squinting your eyes slightly, they like this expression. Practice this occasionally and remember intention is everything, so approach the time with your dogi with an open mind and an open heart.


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