Saturday, October 27, 2007

Roll over and Let Go

Gus has been naturally docile since birth, he'll roll onto his back and be subservient to almost anyone. Some people will say he's shy or scared when they first meet him. I explain he's really neither of those things. His personality is docile and he's never been given any reason to show aggression, so he'll naturally move into a subservient role letting go of any kind of aggressive behavior. He doesn't need it. He knows he doesn't have to be dominant or fearful. He'll just let go and roll over. This serves him well. We go to a lot of dog /person events and he gets many treats for his easy going persona. He also loves to mingle and work a room, sitting on as many laps as possible.

What a fabulous way to experience life. I should be more like Gus. Not sitting on laps at a party, but metaphorically do more letting go and rolling over, surrendering. How would it change the outcome to situations that come my way? Instead of holding on to any kind of expectation or control. Just roll over and let life happen, just like Gus.


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