Sunday, September 30, 2007



Ah yes, the pure and simple way our dogs experience joy. Sometimes just from a word or two like: Leash, treat, Daddy's home, and o.k. I'll admit it... the word poopy elicits pure joy from Honey and Gus because it means they get to go outside, and it kinda cracks me up that they love that word so much. So I guess in it's own way the p-word brings me joy too. But I digress. The point is, dogs don't need much to be happy in the moment. They are ready to unleash (pun intended) pure joy at any given moment. A dog knows how to fully embrace joy. What I think we can learn from this is how to bring our intention towards experiencing joy from small things. Once we learn to be sincere in our joy in the small things, the bigger things that will bring us joy will have space to manifest. It doesn't need to be complicated. Move towards living in joy, by practicing joy. Start simply, by taking your dog on a walk and notice the joy they find in this simple task, bask in that joy, experience it for yourself through them. Make it easy like they do, smile, laugh, wag your tail and feel that joy move through you from head to toe and muzzle to paw!

Yoga With Your Dog pose for Joy:

xtra angle tiangle


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