Friday, March 20, 2009

Barking Buddha Dog of the Week: Marble

This week's dog is available for adoption! She is coming all the way from Bangkok (remember Tonto from a couple of months ago, another Bangkok rescue?) She comes from a rescue organization called SCAD. Jen and Snickers our local yogi and dogi foster dogs from SCAD. Email me if you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl and I'll put you in touch with Jen and I'll give you a gift certificate for some free doga! Here's the info:

Date of Birth:
Late September 2008
Mixed (some English Setter features)
14-16 kg (31- 35lb) when grown

Marble was born in the playground area of a temple school in a busy suburban area of Bangkok. The children and teachers fed her and she is very used to human attention. A loose pack of friendly adult dogs also live in the area, although it is unclear if Marble’s parents are amongst them. The area surrounding the school is overcrowded with stray dogs, so living conditions aren’t always favorable. Marble’s lovely nature made her a good candidate for our adoption program.

Marble has a long silky coat, mainly white, with black markings on the head and ears and a large black patch on her left side and another on her right side nearer to the shoulder. She has an abundance of black spots dotted throughout her coat. She has floppy ears and sweet tan ‘eyebrows’. She carries her waggly tail high. Medium level grooming is required.

Marble is a playful and confident pup, eager to join in with puppy games and she interacts well with people. She enjoys attention and loves cuddles and toys. Shows good social skills with pups and adult dogs, and is very motivated by food.

SCAD Rehoming Center, Sukhumvit 71 (soon to be in Seattle w/ Jen Rosenbrook)
Course underway


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