Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doga Class this Saturday!

Don't forget doga this Saturday, the 18th at The Downtown Dog Lounge at 1:00.

http://www.downtowndoglounge.com/ go to the website to reserve a spot.

Do it for the dogs! Do it for yourself! Let's relax the world one dog at a time....

What does "relaxing the world one dog at a time" mean? It's my slogan, and I think it's cute. But it does have a deeper meaning to me. I LOVE working with dogs and people and people with their dogs. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing humans react and relax when they spend time with their dogs. And... it's great when the dogs begin to relax too. Like lil' dogi Sophie. Sweet, tiny and shy. She is coming out of her cute little shell as she attends doga every week. Relaxing more and more with every class as she becomes confident in the practice and play and with the other dogis in the class. Her human, Stephanie is very devoted to Sophie and Sophie's sis Lucy and it's a lovely interaction as they learn the doga practice together. Sometimes little Sophie's doga includes bravely walking around alone getting closer and closer to the other humans and dogs. And then back to the mat to stretch with mom. It's fun and rewarding to relax the world one dog at a time...


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