Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Doga at Fido Fest

Gus and I doing Pit-to-Paw Standing Twist

Robbie and Diva looking very serious in Woofing Warrior 1.

Gus in Super Dog Pose, Honey relaxing on the mat next to Jen and Snickers. Rose hugging Rascal (awww!). Huge Snicks makes Honey look like a Chihuahua!

Gus in Wheel Barrow Pose.

Rascal and Snickers helping Rose and Jen in their twists.

Gus and I going into a pose. Bundled up lady looks on in the back ground (that's one bright fanny pack!).

Cute lil' dogis, Sophie and Diva.

The whole gang on stage.

The dogs gather 'round for after demo treats.
Wow, what a long, fun day! Fido Fest followed Walk For The Animals, a benefit for The Seattle Humane Society. The biggest ever with over 600 humans and dogs walking a 5 k. Gus and I led everyone in warm up stretches pre-walk and then a Saint Franciscan brother blessed the dogs, which was very sweet.

It was rainy and windy much of the day, but us Seattlelites can't be tender when it comes to the rain because that's just the way it is up here. Although many of us did choose to find shelter in the cozy, covered beer garden provided for the Walk and Fido Fest participants. Posted above, Pics of the demo. The dogis and yogis were all a little wet and wind blown by the time the demo rolled around, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it, I know we did!

Thank you Robbie and Diva, Rose and Rascal, Jen and Snickers, Steph and Sophie.

By the way Robbie (with the daschund) is a jeweler and makes cool dog jewelry:


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