Monday, April 20, 2009


(image from MopCity News) I spent some time this morning meditating with one of my spiritual teachers (she'll probably never read this blog, she doesn't do computers) anyway she shared with me something about the close genetic relationship between bears and wolves, how they split off and then eventually dog came into being and became our companions, protectors, workers, healers, friends, family. I love the image of the dog/wolf/bear. What a beautiful trilogy.
I can see and understand the wolf/bear thing in both my small and my large dog. Small dogs can have a personality big as a bear but large dogs can resemble them more physically, and we all of course can understand the wolf relationship, the pack order, ect.

Respecting where our canine companions have come from enables us to understand them better and appreciate how connected they are to the natural world (I'm smiling right now because I'm picturing a pack of wild pugs roaming the woods in cute little sweaters) . Even though many dogs have been specifically bred to be companion animals, they still have, somewhere in them the organic earth-connected nature of the wolf and maybe the bear.

This is one reason why I teach my classes organically, there is structure, but room for the dogs to be dogs and for the relationship between human and dog to grow in understanding of one another.

The organic nature of doga can allow us to move beyond the rigidity of ego or another way of thinking and harnessing the strength of the bear, the bravery of the wolf and the love of the dog in order to be grounded and open to our own creativity in life and enhance our relationship to our canine companions.

Live, Love, Play!


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