Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today's Doga

I'm happy about tonight's doga class at The Seattle Humane Society. I'll look forward to seeing regular yogis and dogis as well as meeting new ones. I MUST remember to bring a camera!

Monday I met with my book editor and I'm excited to say the book is about ready to go to final printing. It's been a fun learning process. The book is very accessible to new and seasoned yogis alike.

Tomorrow we're shooting a promo video to send out along with the press packs. Stuff like that is really fun because I ask my friends and regular students to participate and it's usually pretty laid back. I don't get nervous doing things like that since I was once told that everyone is looking at the dogs not the people. It's my version of picturing an audience in their underwear to stave off nerves. I tell myself that everyone is looking at the dogs and not me. So far it's worked out well.

I'll be posting the Tip of the Week and The Dog of the Week on Friday and into the weekend.

Also...don't forget in addition to the class tonight at 7:00, I have a class at Downtown Dog Lounge this Sat. at 1:00 and On Sunday at 5:00 at The Twilight Artists Collective gallery in West Seattle.




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